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Retro game enthusiasts and fans of pixel art are really going to appreciate what the Game Frame has to offer. So you’re probably wondering exactly what the Game Frame is? Here’s some information from the products website:

“Game Frame is a grid of 256 ultra-bright LED pixels, perfect for showcasing pixel art and old school video game graphics. This fully assembled kit comes with a solid wooden frame, microSD card pre-loaded with custom eBoy artwork, remote control, and a 5V 3.6A power supply.”

The first Game Frame was originally created as a Kickstarter project, with the first model being successfully funded and distributed to investors. Following the initial design of the first model however, creator Jeremy Williams went back to the drawing board to make some improvements. The current model that is available represents the first major revision of the Game Frame and includes several improvements which are listed below. These improvements include:

  • More powerful hardware that boosts the frame rate from 24 to 60
  • A hand held remote control
  • Time-based automatic brightness
  • Vastly superior time keeping
  • Combine game & clock features
  • Battery backup


It really is a rather unique device and certainly one that we would love to get our hands on for a future review. The creative possibilities the Game Frame also presents are near limitless. The Game Frame is priced at $230 USD and comes loaded with at least 60 custom animations. Quantities are currently limited  but more are expected to ship out between February and March. Check out their website for more details on the Game Frame.

What are your thoughts on the Game Frame? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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