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Taco Bell Going The Startup Route For Its New Website
Taco Bell For The Millenial In Us All

Taco Bell is having a mid life crisis…It wants to be “cool”, “hip” and “youthful”, minus the whole “riding in a fast car with the top dropped” phase.  Taco Bell wants to appeal even more to the millenials (like honestly, I was already sold at Doritos Locos) with the launch of its new website

This website is being viewed as Taco Bell’s “virtual flagship” and hub for all things Taco Bell.  The new website allows users to place completely custom orders, and will host a publishing channel which will feature content created by the brand and its collaborators.

Taco Bell is also looking to increase deliveries to over 200 markets by next summer, and will introduce a gamified loyalty rewards program (think like Xbox Achievements, or PlayStation Trophies) by late 2015.

I mean listen…Personally I think its an amazing idea.  From a marketing perspective and business perspective, if Taco Bell knows its target demographic is millenial gamers, why not appeal to them in every possible way?  Give them a simple url to remember (we are the A.D.D. generation mind you), Give them a simple and user friendly interface they are familiar with, make it easy to order, and for shits and giggles, make achievements!  I can see it now “10G Taco Score For Scarfing Down 30 Volcano Doritos Locos.”  Taco Bell, I salute you damn it.  Keep doing you boo boo.


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