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Forget Power Laced Sneakers, The Future Is Video Sneakers! Check Out ShiftWear Sneakers!
App Driven Sneakers That Allow You To Customize Your Kicks!

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own videos or psychadelic animations playing on the side of your sneakers?
Yea…Me neither…Well as it goes, someone in the universe had this idea and lo and behold, it is now becoming a reality!  ShiftWear is the startup company behind this new, futuristic sneaker design.

How Does It Work?  Customizing Your Kicks:

The ShiftWear sneakers are essentially app connected with your smartphone.  The user then is given full creative freedom to design their ShiftWear sneakers on demand to fit any style they may have in mind.  The concept is pretty awesome once I understood it more.  In theory, the user could design the ShiftWear sneaker to match a particular outfit, display a birthday or holiday message, and even run advertisements!  The possibilities are pretty amazing.

Another interesting feature is the social network that is included with the app.  If you create a design that you feel the world should start paying before, you have the option to sell it on the marketplace!  The network is accessible via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

The ShiftWear sneaker itself is designed with a flexible HD display that is curved, and durable, flexible and waterproof electronics, kevlar fiber soles for added durability (this is the same material that is used to make bullet proof vests) and a Walk-N-Charge technology that charges your ShiftWear sneakers while you walk!

ShiftWear had started an IndieGoGo campaign looking to raise $200,000 but ended its campaign a few days ago with a whopping $794,215!

The ShiftWear Sneaker is expected to ship in the Fall of 2016 and will initially be available in 3 styles.  You can learn more about the sneaker on the IndieGoGo campaign that just wrapped, or on the official website!

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