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Meet The Ultimate Transforming Desk, Altwork
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Altwork: The Workstation Redefined

If you are like me, you must get uncomfortable sitting all day.  Computer based work does get extremely tiring and taxing on your body if you are sitting for long periods of time.  Studies also show that sitting for extended periods of time can actually be worse for your health than smoking.  Standing is one way to remedy this issue.  But, what if, like me, you have an issue with committing to a dedicated standing desk.  What other options would you have?

Altwork has alleviated this problem with it’s new line of workstations.  The Altwork desk takes an interesting approach to the concept of a workspace.  The desk allows the user to work sitting regularly, laying back (with your computer literally above your face), in a standing position, or even in a collaborative position.  With 14 different positions, the Altwork desk could potentially revolutionize how we get work done, and remain productive.

The Altwork desk will be released sometime in mid 2016 and will be available in two versions: The Standard Version for $3,900 or the Signature Series Version for $4,900.  Preorder yours today on the Altwork website!


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