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Keurig Set To Take On Soda-Stream With New Machine
Fresh Cold Soda At Your Fingertips, But, For A Price...

Keurig has unveiled its latest creation for the masses.  With the success of its coffee makers, Keurig is now treading new territory and looking to make a name for itself in the cold beverage market with its new device, the Keurig Kold.

Keurig has taken the K-Cup concept and has now applied it to soda.  You take a cup (prefilled with the contents of the soda’s flavor), pop that bad boy in the slot, press a button, and enjoy yourself a fresh cold one! The pods are currently being sold in over 25 flavors such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Canada Dry, and more.  The beauty is, unlike SodaStream, there is no use of C02 canisters, so that should save you a few bucks…

However, like most scenarios in business, “one must recoup thy loss” somehow right?  Here is my major gripe with this thing.  The machine costs $369.99 with each 4 pack of pods costing $4.99.
Yea…Let that sink in for a second…You can get a normal 12oz can of soda for roughly $.99 in most places, and a pack of 6 for about $3-4.

Granted, I love tech and soda as much as the next person, but this is a just a bit crazy in my opinion.  I guess what you are paying for is the “experience” or the allure of buying a new machine.  Who knows…As for me, I will wait till Coca-Cola release a home or countertop version of their Coca-Cola Freestyle machine!

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