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Ryan Reynolds Passion Project Is Finally Out! What Did We Think? Watch our Deadpool Review to find out!

Deadpool Review:

Deadpool may have had the one of the craziest development stories in recent memory, but just like the titular antihero its named after, this film just would not die.  Starting development way back in 2004, Deadpool has had numerous setbacks in its 11+ year creation.  All hope seemed lost after Deadpools appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine had fans in an uproar.  Remember that? It wasn’t until test footage “leaked” in 2014 creating an outpouring of support amongst Deadpool fans that 20th Century Fox finally caved and greenlit the movie.  Now that Deadpool is finally here, what did we think about it?  Read below (or watch the video) to find out!


Deadpool as a film works in ways no superhero film or Marvel film has before it.  It is rated R, filled with gore and guts a plenty, and loaded with so many curses and f-bombs that you definitely don’t want to bring the little ones along.  Deadpool is frantic, its off the wall, its funny, its unpredictable, and ironically, everything you’d ever want in a film about everyones favorite “merc with a mouth”.  No superhero film before it has come remotely close to recreating the source material so faithfully on film.  Watching this movie is genuinely like reading a Deadpool comic to life.  Is it crazy and hard to follow at times?  Yes.  Is the plot erratic and at times confusing to follow?  Definitely.  But guess what, that is genuine Deadpool material in a nutshell.


Ryan Reynolds embodies Wade Wilson & Deadpool so well, it really made me wonder if Ryan was simply placed on this planet just to play the role.  He is Deadpool through and through and his passion for the character and the project shines through clearly in this film.  Although the entire cast did an amazing job, there were notable cast members who stood out in my opinion. Morena Baccarin plays Vanessa Carlysle and does an amazing job at it.  TJ Miller provided his usually dry and sarcastic sense of humor which feels right at home and new comer Brianna Hildebrand does an amazing job as angst ridden Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Entertainment Value: 

Deadpool is by far one of the most entertaining and refreshing movies I have seen in quite some time.  It unpredictability is definitely one of the standouts here.  The fact that the movie is extremely self aware with numerous 4th wall breaks, pop culture references, and Easter Eggs also kept me on my toes throughout.

Release Date

February 12th, 2016

Film Studio

20th Century Fox


Ryan Reynolds
Morena Baccarin
Ed Skrein
T. J. Miller
Gina Carano
Brianna Hildebrand

What We Liked

Deadpool simply worked. Everything from the cast, to the material, to the writing was perfect and truly faithful to the source material.

What We Hated

Considering there isn’t much wrong with the film, if I had to say one complaint, it would be that the movie was too short. I needed to be...I don’t know, 4 hours longer?

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If you are into funny movies, superhero movies, nonstop jokes, and anything unpredictable, Deadpool is definitely a must see. Still need more convincing? Check these facts out! Deadpool scored the biggest R rated opening weekend of all time, AND had a bigger opening than any previous X-Men film to date! Facts don't lie my friends. Our take? Get off your ass right now and go see it! We give Deadpool a resounding 9 out of 10!

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