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BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW: Kryolan Lipstick Matt
Aurora, Eos, and Nike.

These aren’t your ordinary matte lipsticks—and you’ll notice it the minute you swipe them over your lips. No dragging, drying, or uneven fading. 2

Lipstick Matt has a natural shine in the packaging, however, once applied it convinces with its extreme matte but velvety appearance and comfort to wear. The smear-proof lipstick with its high pigmentation will last long. Vitamin E additionally stimulates the skin’s repair mechanism.

The opaque colors feel pleasantly creamy for a matte formula.

You know how matte lipsticks can make your lips shrivel up? Well this formula doesn’t, thanks to vitamin E. I was intrigued because while it begins with a small amount of shine, it dries down into a velvety matte that doesn’t feel dry at all!

Because mattes have a flat finish, any flakes or cracks will be exacerbated. However, you notice the difference immediately because it’s so easy to spread the color on—no dragging, even if your lips are a little dry. These babies have tons and tons of pigment, yet they aren’t chalky or difficult to apply.

To prevent it from going on too thick, we found that it’s better to dab it on with a finger than straight out of the tube.

Note, although Kryolan says its smear-proof, it takes a good while for them to dry down enough to not transfer.

The colors? All gorgeous and so vibrant! I tried Aurora (a cranberry red that subtly enhances your natural lip color), Eos (a shocking tangerine – terrific shade for those with darker skin tones – that I wouldn’t typically go for, but I can definitely see myself wearing it in the fall.), and Nike (a gorgeous straight-up hot pink/fuchsia).

PRICE: $19.50 each

Photo Credit: Beauty & Beyond Beat Blog

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