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Batman V Superman Cereal
The Battle For Breakfast Begins!

Batman V Superman Cereal- General Mills PicThe silver screen isn’t the only place where the “Caped Crusader” and  the Man of Steel will duking it out. They’ll also be fighting for top spot on your breakfast table. General Mills have recently announced that Batman and Superman themed cereals based on the upcoming film should be hitting your grocery store’s cereal aisle by the end of the week.

Batman’s cereal will be“Chocolate Strawberry” flavor (which has piqued my interest) and Superman’s cereal come flavored as a light “Caramel Crunch.” Batman cereal pieces will be shaped like, you guessed it, Batman’s chest emblem while Superman’s cereal pieces are shaped like his chest shield. Of the two breakfast cereals, Batman’s flavor is the one I’m most interested in trying first. I can’t recall any company attempting a cereal flavor as unique as chocolate strawberry and if there is one please share in the comments section.

On their website General Mills senior marketing manager Alan Cunningham spoke about the creation of both cereals:

“Superman and Batman continue to appeal to the generations of fans that have enjoyed them for decades, as well as new Super Hero fans experiencing them for the first time. So it doesn’t get much more exciting for us than having the opportunity to feature these iconic characters on their two new cereals.”

“We spent extensive time and effort to develop the flavors and look of these cereals, and their packaging, so that they will match the incredible quality of the characters they feature.”

The two cereals will officially make their debut during the Wizard World Comic Con being held in New Orleans, later this week (January 8-10). So which side will you choose for your breakfast cereal? Let us know in the comments section below.


Cereal-batman 1989

Batman V Superman cereal isn’t the only instance where the “Dark Knight” had a cereal. Back in 1989 when Tim Burton and Warner Bros. released Batman onto screens that summer creating a “bat craze” that would soon follow, Ralston Foods released a themed cereal based on the film. The flavor was honey nut with a texture similar to Captain Crunch but not nearly as crunchy. It was only available for a limited time and was my cereal of choice, while it was available, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Good times!

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