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7 Tips To Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals Like A Boss
Tired Of Failing At All Of Your Resolutions?
Follow Our 7 Step Guide To Achieve Your Goals.

It’s that time of the year again!  You know, that whole “New Year, New Me” plague is running rampant!  You’ve probably heard it at work, at home, around your friends, or seen endless posts on your social feeds of people wanting to lose weight, start a new business, get a new job, etc.  It’s a jedi mind trick society collectively joins in on every year to create a new sense of urgency in one’s life.

Year after year however, many of us fall victim to another phenomenon…Resolution burn out.   No need to feel ashamed here, this is a judgement free zone!  We are all guilty of it.  We have all made these glorified promises of new changes, new diets, and failed or have given up epically.  Well, just like we mentioned in the End Of Line Podcast this past week, we are here to help you prevent failure and to make actual positive changes in your life this year!  Let’s go over my tips below!

7 Tips To Make Sure You Succeed In Your Goals


1: Change “Resolution” To “Declaration”

The idea of a resolution is inherently flawed.  By definition, a resolution is designed to do one thing; resolve a given scenario.  The problem with this concept however is the resolution itself only accounts for the now and not for the future.  Sure, it helps you to solve your immediate problem…BUT, how does it actually account for anything that may arise after this initial problem is solved?

With that issue glaring you right in the face, the very first thing I always recommend is to change your mindset completely.  See your “resolution” as a “declaration” or a lifestyle change.  You have to accept the fact, and program your mind to be prepared to change your reactions to said goal, perpetually.  It’s a conscious decision that you have to make in order to break whatever habits, social circles, or hinderances that may be preventing you from moving forward, and to finally accept the fact that moving forward, this new mindset is how you will define and react to the given scenario from now on.


2: Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals of course is imperative in your planning phase.  Goals will help you gauge how close or far you are from actually making that change.  The main issue many of us face with setting goals however is setting goals that are designed to make us fail.  Sadly, we all fall victim to this more often than we’d probably like to admit.

For example, lets say you have a weight loss goal.  Most people fail by setting the bar way too high for what they can realistically achieve.  If you haven’t been to the gym since the advent of the dumbbell, or if you couldn’t run to save your life, why in the hell would you set yourself up to lose 50 lbs in a month?  That’s not realistic thinking with your physical and emotional limitations.

To avoid this, make smaller, actionable goals.  Our minds tend to react better when we can visually see, feel, and measure constant success.  If you say “Im going to lose 10 lbs in my first month” and actually do it, endorphins in your brain will switch on and give you that nice kick in the behind you so desperately need to set your next attainable goal.  Think of it like physical stairs.  There is no way you can jump to the top landing from the bottom of a 20 step stair case.  Take it one step at a time, and before you know it, you will be way ahead of the game.


3: Train Your Mind On “Reversal”

That sounds like a silly step, doesn’t it?  Let me elaborate on this one a bit more.

To succeed in anything, (but specifically in goals) you have to train your mind on how to prevent your usual reactions to situations from taking center stage, and adopt complete opposite reactions for most scenarios.  You have to learn how to not over react, lose your cool, or get caught up in distractions as examples. How is this applicable in real life?  Check this out:

What if your goal was to start a business, but you currently are employed by a company.  To even begin to start a business, you have to reverse your thinking.  You have to remove the thought processes of an employee and adopt the thinking of an employer.  Hate working past 5PM?  Shoot that thinking dead ASAP. If you even remotely think you are capable of running a business.  Your hours will never be set in stone, and odds are, you’d have to be available at any time for your clients.  Hate being blamed for things?  Learn to accept the shortcomings of employees, vendors, or anyone that has the responsibility of carrying your company name, or stay working for the man.

dj khaled played yourself

4: Be Accountable At All Times

Ahh…The good ol’ accountability word.  It’s the word we all know, but steer clear of at all costs.  However, to succeed in any of your goals, you have to be real with your self at all times.

Say you wanted to create a new savings goal for the year.  Your goal is to save $100 a week for the year, but your birthday came, and magically, you saved no money the entire month.  Don’t hide your guilt under the rug my friend…Embrace your shortcomings.  Embrace the fact that yes, you did indeed screw up.  It’s ok, you are human.  The faster you come to grips with your failure, accept it, and guilt your self just a bit, the faster you will be able to pick up the pieces and make sure you don’t slip the same way again.

If you can’t trust yourself, find your most annoying friend or family member (we all have one, and odds are, as you are reading this sentence, at least one person immediately came to mind) and have them play that role for you.  Odds are, they will be more than happy to oblige and drive you crazy while making you feel useless.

Refusing to accept responsibility and accountability for your shortcomings will only set you up to constantly fail.  If you refuse, take this advice from the world’s current greatest philosopher DJ Khaled:

“Congratulations…You played yourself…”

5: Remove Negative Influences From Your Life

Although this may seem like the most common step in this list, you will be surprised how hard this is to do for most people.  It is one of those skills that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Where you may be failing here is you may not realize something is a negative influence on you in the first place.  Negativity comes in numerous forms, whether it is food, friends, family, coworkers, activities, or even addictions.  To find success in your goal, and more importantly, to maintain success, you have to remove anything and everything that will prevent you from doing this.  You have to be very black and white here without exceptions.  Adopt a cold / calculated persona and run with it.  The metaphorical “gray” area is what is going to ruin your progression here.  Are you trying to get a better job, but you have a friend who wants to hang out instead?  Drop them without thinking about it.  Someone who prefers to take you away from progression shouldn’t have any of your time. Just got a promotion, and you have a significant other complaining to you how they have been working for years without ever getting a single raise?  Get rid of them ASAP.   The poisonous “victim mentality” will cloud your perceptions, make you ungrateful, and force you to forget your blessings.  If they aren’t happy for you, they shouldn’t be happy with you.  Accept the fact that as with anything else in life, everything has an expiration date.  People and things have very specific roles to play in your life and eventually, their time will come and go.  Embrace the fact that change inevitable.  Embrace the process itself.  If anything in your life isn’t making you better, it will eventually make you bitter.  


6: Celebrate Your Milestones

This step is one that is all too often overlooked, yet it is so important.  Don’t get so lost in your goals that you forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Once in a while, take time to enjoy how far you have gotten up until that point, savor it, and give yourself a pat on the back.  It is ok to be happy.  It is ok to be excited.  It is ok to have fun with your goals.


7: R.A.D. | Review, Adapt, Deploy

R.A.D. is a cool acronym I came up with during the recording of Episode 3 of the End Of Line Podcast.  It is similar to what many business owners do in their day to day operations. However it is a process that should be applied to everyday goals as well.

Review: Review how far you have come in your goals.  Look for instances where things didn’t quite work out as planned, instances where things worked out great, etc and create a list to help you assess this data.

Adapt: After reviewing this, create an actionable plan that takes this goal to the next level.  Did you realize that in your weight loss regiment, running is hard for you, but you lost more weight swimming?  Remove running altogether and either emphasize your swimming routine, or find something to replace your running.

Deploy:  Now that you know what works, put that bad boy into action and constantly assess your journey.  Constant assessment and adapting will lead to perpetual growth!

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