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5 High-Heel Hacks for The Urban Woman
Style and Comfort. The Best Of Both Worlds.

City heels

In a perfect world heels are both stylish and comfortable. However as you and I both know we don’t live in a perfect world. Which is why I have spent many an hour pondering hacks that will make even the highest of heels bearable to wear. If you’ve ever hobbled home after a long work day or night in heels, then these tips are for you!

Let’s start off with what you should know BEFORE making a purchase.


Get smarter about your heel purchases
– Pay attention to the heel cup. Opt for shoes made from real leather or suede because it’s more pliable than synthetic materials, and will mold to the shape of your foot, thus reducing chafing after a few wears.

– Do the “thumb test.” There should be a thumb’s width from the front of the inside of your shoe to the end of your longest toe. Leaving this bit of space is crucial for your foot to have a little wiggle room when it moves in the shoe, rather than forcing it to create friction against the sides.

Break them in
Stop suffering in your new pair of heels and try this hack instead. – Wear your new heels in the house with a thick pair of socks and follow up by applying heat with a blow dryer to loosen up tight spots.

55b8c09e30e93fd373bf3f52Tape your third and fourth toe together
Sounds weird? Using medical tape relieves strain on the nerve between toes three and four (counting from the big toe), preventing pain in the ball of your foot. (I recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch.)

A blister godsend
Corns, calluses and blisters, oh my! Prevent these painful injuries with moleskin, a soft cotton flannel with adhesive backing that you can put in your shoes. It molds to the shape of your foot, acting as a protective second skin against your very pretty, but very evil heels.

Maximize comfort
Slip a pair of gel insoles or foot petals into your high heels to maximize comfort. It makes a world of difference.

Painful High Heels

BONUS TIP: The most comfortable kind of heels
Wedges have long been known as the most comfortable kind of heels because they work to take pressure off your foot, but there’s a new set of shoes that’s serious competition: heels with straps, ties or buckles. They’ll provide extra support to your ankles and will prevent your feet from slipping out so you can stomp in your stiletto’s safely.


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