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12 Dog Care Hacks to Make Your Life Easier
Saving Time To Spend More Quality Time

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Life can be crazy especially if you own a pup. Between feeding, grooming, exercising, training, playing and potty training you can start to feel like you spent all your time (and money!) caring for your dog and not enjoying time with them.

Here are 12 hacks to help you spend less time doing the “chores” associated with dog ownership, so you have more time to just enjoy your best friend!


  1. Use a squeegee for easy removal of dog hair from carpet — Just drag the squeegee right across the carpet or hardwood floor. The rubber blade will collect fur in a flash!
  2. To remove pet hair from upholstery, dampen a rubber glove and run your gloved hand over it.
  3. Use vinegar, water and baking soda to scrub out urine on the cheap. (Just keep pets away while cleaning, as baking soda is toxic to dogs.)



  1. Tired of filling up your dog’s bowl? Make this cute contraption to make sure your pup stays hydrated.
  2. If your pup eats too fast, put a ball in the food bowl. He/she will be forced to slow down and move the ball around to get to the food.
  3. You can create your own food-stuffed dog chew to keep your little guy busy and anxiety-free while you’re at work by carefully cutting a 1- to 1-1/2-inch hole in an old tennis ball. Then just fill the ball with everything from dog treats to peanut butter and cheese.

DIY-food-stuffed-tennis-ball-chew-toyUPSET PUPS

  1. Chicken and rice works wonders for the upset puppy tummy! Soothe his/her tummy with a base chicken and rice home-cooked meal.
  2. Many times, it’s the electric charge in the air and not the actual storm that upsets dogs during bad weather. Some just don’t like the noise, but if your pup just hates the electricity in the air, take a dryer sheet and rub it over him/her to make him feel better.
  3. If you have a stressful pup, you can also put a few drops of lavender oil on a bandana and tie it around your dog’s neck.



  1. If your dog is small enough to squeeze through your gate, buy this ingenious little harness. Your dog can move freely, but will be slightly less squeezable when it comes to fences.
  2. If your pup is chewing you out of house and home, bitter apple is a safe alternative to deter him/her from taking that next bite.
  3. Bad doggie breathe? Sprinkle a little bit of fresh parsley into your dog’s food to freshen their breath or you can put dog toothpaste on a lint brush and have your dog lick it off.



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